For more than 25 years the Tenderworks team have been building Custom Tenders, high performance Sailing Boats and one off Motorboats.

As a testament to timeless styling and superior build quality many tenders launched in the 90’s are still in service with their Superyachts today. Other iconic boats, designed and built by the team, have influenced the direction and style of today’s industry.

Tenderworks has established a purpose built facility in Warmond, Holland. Just 20 minutes from Schiphol and with direct access to the lake, the Tenderworks facility is centred in the heart of the Dutch marine industry.

Our vast wooden hanger, originally built for aircraft construction, has been completely refitted with state of the art equipment to create the ultimate boat building cathedral. Its wooden arches span some 30 meters and its unique construction combined with under floor heating and environmental control creates the perfect environment for boat building.

The Tenderworks team are now producing their best ever work and are about to launch some of the highest quality Tenders and Chase Boats ever produced.

Tenderworks BV
Veerpolder 1b
2361 KV
The Netherlands
+31 71 80 80 120

Tenderworks International Ltd
16 Whiteladies Road
+44 117 405 8780