About Tenderworks

"Our aim is to build the best boats in the world and nothing less"

The right choices

If you are investing in or own a world-class superyacht, you understand the difference between standard and custom. To have an equally bespoke Tender that perfectly matches the lines of the mothership is the icing on the cake.

By partnering with Tenderworks you are assured of the most exclusive Tender or Chase Boat that money can buy.  Branding in line with the yard building your superyacht is also possible and because the moulds are destroyed, you can rest assured that your boat will always be unique.

All our boats are ‘full custom’ once they’re built we throw away the mould"

Our history

For more than 25 years the Tenderworks team have been building Custom Tenders, high performance Sailing Boats and one off Motorboats.

As a testament to timeless styling and superior build quality many tenders launched in the 90’s are still in service with their Superyachts today. Other iconic boats, designed and built by the team, have influenced the direction and style of today’s industry.

First-class facilities

Once your design is ready we will get to work building your Tender or Chase Boat in our purpose-built facility in Warmond, Holland.

A former aircraft hangar with wooden arches that span some 30 metres, this distinctive building also includes underfloor heating and premium environmental control. State-of-the-art equipment is deployed in every discipline. Tenderworks also has a 20m combined spray cabin and oven that can handle temperatures of over 100 degrees.

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